2012. október 28., vasárnap

Mairead Byrne: Tokenism

One thing I don't really get is when feminists or I'm not really a feminist buts repudiate tokenism + pour scorn on it + reject it + dismiss it + push it aside. I want to be a token. I want to be the token woman on your committee. I am great at being a woman; I'm sure I could be a token if I tried. Does it involve jewelry? Or gifts? Never mind. I want to be your token woman winner. I want to win t
he token woman prize. I'll be the best damn token you have ever seen. A real heavy paper-weight of an embossed of a sealing-wax of a 100% cotton rag pH neutral acid-free paper token. I'll be your signed sealed and delivered token + I'll mail myself. I'll be the token woman in your magazine or on your podium. I'll be the token woman on your list. I've got a fistful of dollars. I'll buy your token any time. I've worked like a ... woman all my life—I'll take a ride on your shiny token if it comes wafting by. Gladly. I am the subway. Happy to move away from the tracks ma'am you bet. Thrilled to step up + into the air. Charmed to be carried for a while.

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