2017. június 2., péntek

Laura Kasischke: Things That Have Changed Since You Died

We can talk to one another on telephones
in banks, in cars, in line. No more
sitting on the floor
attached to a cord
while everybody listens.
No more
standing outside the booth
in the cold, fingering
an adulterous dime. We

send each other mail without stamps.
Watch television without antennas.
Wear seatbelts, smoke less, and never
on a bus, never
in the lobby while we’re waiting
for the lawyer to call on us.

Nowhere now, a typewriter ribbon.
Quaintly the record album’s scratch and spin.
Our groceries, scanned.
Pump our own gas.
Take off our shoes
before boarding our plane.
Those towers: Gone. And Pluto’s
no longer a planet:
Forget it.
I could go on

and on, but you’re still dead
and nothing’s any different.

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