2013. október 31., csütörtök

About the state of economy :-)

So, I launched this blog a year ago. As of today, more than 750 poems have been posted, and you have no idea how many are waiting in line at this very moment :-)

Soon the number of visitors will reach 16,000. You may wonder which were the most popular posts so far. The top five poems are as follows: In defense of joy by Mario BenedettiTwo bodies by Octavio PazA little girl tugs at the tablecloth by Wislawa SzymborskaI loved my friend by Langston Hughes, and a Hungarian poem, Vallomás, by Jenő Heltai. I find it great that in the top five, there are two Spanish-speaking poets and a Polish one :-)

It is so good to see visitors from all over the world. Naturally, because most of the poems are in English, most visitors come from English speaking countries (US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand...). Some regular readers visit from European countries (Hungary, of course, but also Greece, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland...). Others arrive from Costa Rica, Mexiko, South-Korea, the Philippines, China, Russia, and there are occassional readers from African countries and other distant places such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico, among others. I certainly hope not all of those visitors are statistic websites :-)

It is a pity almost noone ever leaves a comment. However, I sometimes receive an encouraging mail from readers - let me thank you now publicly, too.
Many of these poems I share here had helped me in the past in various situations. I wish that reading these poems you find solace, help, encouragement, inspiration and whatever else you need at this very moment in your life.

I hope you found this anniversary blog entry interesting because I intend to debrief you every year at Halloween, if you will still stick around by then :-)

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  1. I think for the 16.000th Anniversary, you really deserve an e-book reader ;)

  2. Just to say thank you very much for posting this amazing array of poems! I check in regularly and love reading your selections. I'm a huge poetry fan (I also have a blog where I post a poem a day) and can't give enough praise to how it has helped me. As you say - solace, encouragement, inspiration.
    Keep up the brilliant work! :)

  3. Thank you, Siobhán. Please let me know your blog. Herebor per mail...

  4. It's: www.a-poem-a-day-project.blogspot.com :)