2013. október 25., péntek

Keaton Henson: Polite Plea

Come and be human with me
eat nothing that means us both leaving the house
sit on the floor in strange places
and sleep in familiar beds

I will make art, not for, but about you
speak truths while your sleeping and wake you with hands
we will dive deeply into one anothers
and stay out of our own weary heads

We will argue in glorious fireworks
I will throw words, you will break my guitar
remind ourselves that it's something worth burning
and be all the better for making up

Come and eat cereal late at night
in silence, undressed on the kitchen counter
be far too tired for tomorrows long stroll
in love, just enough for the waking up

Come, in your own time, and human be,
Yours politely,
Lonely me.

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