2016. december 22., csütörtök

Mario Benedetti: Shopping Basket

Today I went out with my basket
to stock up on ways to lift my spirits
but they're not easy to come by
or come across

the sky is nothing but clouds
why bother looking up
in the entryways there are no lovers
in others' gazes no questions

I'm as lonely as a tiny isle
where not even castaways set foot

I've got someone else's poem for company
but there's a hemistich I find annoying
and I don't dare replace it
that would be rude

I don't even have a camera
to snap pictures of this or that hope
other people's of course

I'm face-to-face now
with a print by a favourite painter
and meekly I inhale its restful blues

on an almost nonexistent rack
I spot Vivaldi and Gardel
perhaps in a little while
I'll wake up without my gloom
then I can rummage through those shops
but today I can't

I feel almost like a deafmute
when it comes to music and caresses
I look down
at the palms of my hands
and my basket is still empty

--translated by Louise B. Popkin

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