2016. december 6., kedd

Mario Benedetti: Wake Up Love

Bonjour buon giorno guten morgen
wake up love and take note
in the third world alone
forty thousand children die each day
in the calm cloudless sky
bombers and buzzards are floating
four million people have AIDS
greed is stripping the amazon basin bald

buenos dias good morning better wake up now
on the computers of grandma UN
there's no room for all the corpses from rwanda
fundamentalists are slitting the throats of foreigners
the pope is preaching against condoms
havelange has the squeeze on maradona

bonjour monsieur la maire
forza italia buon giorno
guten morgen ernst junger
opus dei buenos días
good morning hiroshima

come on wake up love
horror's back with the dawn

--translated by Louise B. Popkin

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